The Newest Hormone You Are Taking Already!

Dr. Janyne Althaus writing in August 2011 OBG Management proposes that D is not a vitamin at all, it should be called a hormone! It is made by one organ (your skin) and it affects lots of other distant organs: bone breast, brain, colon, muscle, fact it is bound up by the placentas of pregnant moms! What does this mean? Well, it means that some of us have a hormone deficiency because the production organ is not working! For instance, (I know this tired old horse) being obese makes your skin produce vitamin D at a slower rate, and being darker, the melanin in our skin can make vitamin D be produced at a slower rate, and of course the high SPF sunscreens will block out some D. There's more: too much clothing (such as those who cover for cultural reasons), skin that is too old, or skin that lives too far north all can have difficulty producing D. It is a fat soluble vitamin, we do store it in our hips (or where ever else we have fat!). And luckily the stores can be quite full before you run into trouble with toxic levels! So what questions do you have for your gyno about Vitamin D?


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