IUDs: The Myth of Ubiquiotious Infections

It is not true that if you have an IUD that you will suffer from the ubiquitous infections women worry and write about. In fact it is more likely that the IUD doesn't raise your basic infection risk. Now if you are someone who is at high risk for infection, that is a different issue. Remember that many pelvic infections are not symptomatic. So if you are worried, get checked first for an undetected pelvic infection prior to deciding on whether to get the IUD. Some infections do lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), but then the question is how often does a chlamydia infection or a gonorrhea infection actually produce PID without an IUD so that we could really understand the risks of getting a serious infection like PID when you have an IUD. What we are encouraging women to do is to come in to gab with your gynecologist when you have new partners so that we can help you figure out your risks and if you need additional screening tests. For women who hate pelvic examinations, many times STDs can be tested for on urine cultures. 


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