Hot Flashes During Menopause

Women often will have hot flashes during menopause. When a woman has a hot flash we wonder exactly what level of estrogen is circulating in a woman's body. About 30 years ago Dr. D. Meldrum studied women between the ages of 34 and 83 who were in menopause, but did still have ovaries. The average estrogen level, of the main estrogen from the ovary (estradiol), was 13.4 pg/ml. Only two subjects had levels over 25, and in general women who weighed more had higher estrogen levels. Interestingly, he was also one of the first physicians to notice that the male hormone levels were not so much different than women's levels before the menopause. So if a woman is having symptoms it's not likely due to male hormone lack, we think it's directly related to the level of estrogen hormones. Also they noticed that once menopause was reached, a women's hormone levels didn't really drop any further as she aged into post-menopause. So if you had hormone level tests at one time, they didn't need to be repeated over and over. No one has ever linked an exact level to a set of symptoms. Few women will have symptoms if they get their estradiol over 100 mcg/ml, but some will. What your perfect range  is will be up to your and your gyno to figure out.


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