Diseases Also Caused by the STD Chlamydia

Chlamydia tracomatis (CT) is the most common bactterial STD reported to the CDC each eary. We have about 1 million cases reported each year, but probably over 2 million Americans are carriers without knowning they are infected. There are many reasons to be treated, and prevention of the diseases it causes is one of the best. Here is a list of possible disease conditions (or infected areas) that can be caused by CT:
  1. an infection of the urethra, would feel like a bladder infection (urethritis)
  2. white of the eye infection (conjunctivitis)
  3. lining infection of the uterus (endometritis)
  4. uterine tubal infection (salpingitis) 
  5. cervix infection (cervicitis)
  6. inflamation of the rectum, the last 6 inches of the lower colon, or the anus (proctitis)
  7. infection of the surface or surrounding area of the liver (perihepatitis)
  8. arthritis if it infects a joint, or if it progresses to a whole system wide disease it is called Reiter's syndrome
  9. Mouth lesions (mucocutaneous lesions)
  10. more co-infections in the vagina like with gonorrhea, trichomonas or bacterial vaginosis (BV)
CT tests are relatively affordable, well covered by insurance or at STD public health clinics, and can accurately detect an infection even if just urine is tested. So next time you get in to see your gyno, find out if you need a test.


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