Will Hysterectomy Resolve Your Pelvic Pain?

A gynecologist, Dr. Stovall was quoted that hysterectomy is "highly effective in ameliorating chronic pelvic pain but less effective in resolving it." About 1/10 or slightly greater hysterectomies are performed for pelvic pain indications. It you have a specific condition to cure: pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, or post endometrial ablation syndrome, then fixing the pain is much more likely than if you essentially have no actual condition to fix and only pain as a symptom. At least a third of patients who have their hysterectomy for pain will continue to experience pain, and a small, but true percent of patients will have the onset of new pain. Not all the reasons are known, but it's not always a gynecologic cause that produces the pelvic pain! Bowel, bladder, muscle conditions, and the pelvis itself such as pelvic floor myalgias (aches and pains)! Hysterectomy can be the correct treatment for pain in many cases. Depression, overall mental health, and social function can all improve when women are given a hysterectomy. But women with depression have more trouble shaking off the pain even after hysterectomy. It is likely your pelvic pain will be relieved, and for many that is good enough. But cure may be more difficult for others and require more work up and more treatment.


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