Polycystic (PCOS) Patients Have Big Fat Cells

We've suspected for a long time that there are physiological factors working against our best efforts to help our PCOS patients effectively loose weight and studies have been confirming that this is true. PCOS patients have been known to have diabetic tendencies. they screen too much insulin, both on a chronic basis and in response to even normal blood sugar levels. Over time this derangement in physiology can both lead to overt diabetes as well as weight gain. But the type of fat cells these patients have and the way the local fat-hormone metabolism works may be most of the reason that weight gain is a problem. The fat hormone adiponectin helps control how fat is released from fatty tissue and metabolized. Women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) seem to have a deficiency of this important hormone. And now they are found to have larger fat cells as well. These big cells just want to contain more fat, and hold on to that fat more tightly. But if you have PCOS, don't despair, even small amounts of weight loss helps to regulate your periods, decreases your chances of diabetes and heart disease, and improves fertility!


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