PCOS Hormone and Metabolism Changes are More Severe In Black Women

In a study of about 100 women published in the July 2011 issue of Fertility and Sterility by Dr. Gwinnett Ladson and colleagues at the departments of Ob Gyn at different universities it has been found that there is a racial influence on PCOS. In their study black and non-black women had about the same levels of infertility and conception, but their metabolism and hormone issues were actually very different. You couldn't tell these differences by lining them all up and taking a good physical. Levels of acne and numbers of patients with excess body hair were about the same whether you were black or non-black with PCOS. But what was very different were their hormone levels and their metabolism. This group of researchers also found that they had different liver function! The black women had lower estrogen, higher resting blood pressure, they out performed in exercise studies, had worse cholesterol, and higher insulin levels. The overall profile of hormones was actually more severely affected in their cases of PCOS. IIn Austraila it was found that if you are under the age of 50 and have PCOS , relagrdless of race, you have about a 4 times greater risk of endometrial cancer than in women who do not have this condition. Exactly how black women might respond differently to PCOS treatment is not known, and exactly whether we can lower risks such as that of uterine cancer by short term treatment of the PCOS is thought to be true but but the researchers want to look into how ethnic or racial differences affect treatment in future studies.


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