Ovulation Rates, Current Birth Control Pills

If you are not on the birth control pill you ovulate in almost every cycle, if you are in you mid to late 40s you ovulate significantly less frequently, but if you are having regular cycles, you are still ovulating. If you are on birth control pills ovulation is decreased, but not completely eliminated. For birth control pills with the 30 to 35 mcg of estrogen the ovulation rates have been reported to be about 2%, and for pills with only 15 to 20 mcg the ovulation rates are about 1.1%. It should be that higher estrogen doses produce less ovulation, and it could be the way these statistics are interpreted that produces these small differences. Since pregnancy is prevented in ways other than preventing ovulation, most all birth control pills have the same effectiveness. For women with special considerations: if you are obese, on medication, have trouble taking your pills on time, if you have had a prior contraceptive failure, or other problems with the birth control pill. A discussion with your gyno about what dose to take should be undertaken.


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