Overactive Bladder Research: The Statistics Include Men

We gals have the reputation of having the weakest bladders, and it doesn't take much of a detective to realize the lines by the "Ladies" rooms are always longer than the lines by the men's rooms! But what we tend to forget, is that the syndrome of overactive bladder, and leaking because of overactive bladder does occur in men as well. In fact when we quote the studies regarding effectiveness of treatments, you should know that just about every study has about 15% men, and the medications that are used to treat this condition are approved for use in guys as well as girls. So if your guy happens to keep pace with you while you rush to stake out every bathroom in a new location: well he might have the overactive bladder problem too! And the treatments will work quickly in him as well! Now when I say quickly: it's not quickly like treating a one week bladder infection: full effectiveness may take as long as 12 weeks with the treatments. So time to have a gyno gab, with your guy, if he has bladder issues on a day to day basis.


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