Nightly Trips To the Bathroom May Be Hard To Diagnose

Patientsdone talk to their gynos enough about the causes of their sleep disturbances, but getting up to go to the bathroom and pee too often, called nocturia, is one of the top offenders. Nocturia can affect both the amout of time getting to sleep called sleeplatency, and staying asleep.  And patients with nocturia suffer greatly and have increased rates of depression, miss work, more mental health issues such as being depressed or having low self-esteem, and are more likely to die from increased rates of death in all categories studied. As we get older, there is also a greater tendency to fall when traveling to the bathroom at night, and then need treatment for fractures. Nocturia may just be associated with overactive bladder, but there are so many medical conditions with nocturia, it's often more difficult to diagnose the true cause and get effective treatment. Medications are one cause of needing to get up to pee too often. One of the first steps is going to be to chart your bladder routines so that the diagnosis of overactive bladder can be ruled in or out right away. It is not a bad idea to try sleeping medication, after a discussion with your physician, but women have to be careful as they tend to be very sensitive to those medications and may require very low dosing.


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