Generic or Not for Birth Control Pills

Birth control pill studies looking at whether one pill or the other is more effective against pregnancy prevention are not done. To know effectiveness you have to look at the package insert. They are all very effective as are the generic pills. Now days we look at pregnancies right as a person is transitioning off the studied contraceptive pill to their typical contraception, and those pregnancies are counted against the effectiveness of the method. So don't be alarmed if you see statistics varying, pills are still very effective. Birth control pills also have very few side effects that a woman feels are annoying. But getting a generic pill can save you money, and the first question you would have to ask yourself is what else you need to know to get the best experience from your oral contraceptive. And generic pills only have to have blood levels that are between about 80 to 125% of their branded counterparts to be acceptable to the FDA. When you think about that number, it is rather a big range and can account for break through bleeding, nausea, breast tenderness, and similar side effects if you switch from a branded pill to a generic pill. And in a European study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2002 with Dr. Hold and colleges they showed that if you weigh over 155 pounds then you are more likely to get pregnant with 20 or 30 mcg pills (and then we didn't even have any of the 10 mcg pills ) so if you are over 155 and on a generic pill you really need to be discussing with your physician if this is best. What is most important to your gyno is that you take your pills.Anything that helps you do that, like fewer side effects, we are in favor of!


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