Developing World Countries Contracept…Better?

World Health Organization’s last round of statistics reported out in 2007 by the Alan Guttmacher Institute suggest that about a third of pregnancies in the developing world are unintended and more than 40% of pregnancies in the developed countries are unintended. And those rates beat out the US rates which have typically shown that almost half of our pregnancies are “unintended.” Many explanations exist regarding all the reasons for contraceptive failures: women get side effects, they stop their contraception, or are in the process of switching their contraception, and then they get pregnant. But this sociological oddity of the developing world, which does have a higher birth rate, doing better at “planning” their babies? Is it just how we in the developing world are doing the math, or is there really an actual trend here?Of course what is most important is what is good for you, and which method of contraception is best for you at a given time.


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