Contraceptive Terminology and Abbreviations

CH: Combined Hormonal Contraception

COC: Combination O.C.s

POP: Progesterone Only Pills

DMPA: Depot Medroxyprogesterone acetate

POI: Progesterone Only Implant (Implanon)

ECP: Emergency Contraception protection

FAB: Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

P: Contraceptive Patch

R: Contraceptive Ring

IUD: Intrauterine Device

IUS: Intrauterine System

MIS: Misoprostol

MPA: Medroxyprogesterone acetate

N9: Nonoxynol 9 (spermacide)

POC: Progesterone only Contraception

POP: Progesterone Only Pills
NCHB: Non-Contraceptive Health Benefits

PLISSIT: Permission giving Limited Information Simple suggestions Intensive Therapy

STI: STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases
SYM: Symptom Based Methods

CAL: Calendar Based Methods


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