Contraceptive Ring Side Effects

NuvaRing for contraception is highly effective with research study effectiveness of less than one failure per 100 women. There is an excellent safety record, and the actual highest level of estrogen in the blood at any time is less than with oral contraceptives. The very highest levels of hormone are in that first week of use, and then the hormone levels become very stable. There is no known effect on the pap smear and in a study looking at 59 women and published in Contraception in 2000 there was no actual effect on the types of bacteria in the vagina. These women wore the ring continuously for 56 days and did not have increased infections or growth of abnormalbacteria. The actual statistics with women using the NuvaRing and reporting side effects show that about 6% report either a white vaginal discharge and 6% report a symptom of vaginitis, but only 3% report the feeling of vaginal pain. Cycle control is excellent. If you remove the ring on schedule about 98% of women will get periods although 1/4 of these periods are late in the cycle beyond when a woman would expect it, and actual breakthrough bleeding occurs in less than 1% of cycles. About 15% of women in the study discontinued use, related to sensations of a device being in the vagina, problems with sex and or expelling the device, only 2% discontinued because of headache and only 1% discontinued because of nausea. The Ring is very well tolerated. Think of it for conveinence and effectiveness when you go gab with your gyno about contraception!


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