Causes of Nocturia

Wondering whether you are in need of checking  your your gyno when you are making extra trips to the bathroom? There are a number of causes, and it's also possible you have the very curable overactive bladder syndrome. But there may be other problems that have to be checked out. Perhaps your bladder just doesn't hold the amount of urine it should. You've made it too tiny because you void too frequently, or it's how you were born or a condition that developed after pelvic surgery. It's  also possible that your kidney is just making much more fluid at night than in the day, only keeping track of the amounts you urinate over three days will help answer that question. It's also possible you don't empty completely so you get full fast, especially at night, if you do go, make sure you emptly more completely. It's also possible this is not the bladder at all, but poor sleep that needs to be fixed.


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