Happy Birthday Dr. Pfannenstiel

Have you had a C-section or an abdominal hysterectomy or a gynecologic surgery done with a transverse cut not so unlike a smiley face incision in your lower abdomen? That incision is named for it's champion, Dr. Johannes Pfannenstiel, and is called a Pfannenstiel Incision. He realized that for many pelvic procedures the incision was better visible exposures for the surgeons, as well as more stable incision because of the different directions the underlying layers go. He also did recognize that from an aesthetic point of view it was valued by his patients, and that was important to him. Dr. Pfannenstiel was born on June 28th 1862, in Berlin. Although he was a wonderful surgeon, ironically he succumbed to an infection after he pricked his finger during an operation, and died at the young age of 47.


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