Darwin and Malthus, And the Current State of Genetic Testing

It was once said that Darwin read Malthus on Population before he ever finalized his ideas into a formal theory. And that inspired him to realize that the more favorable genetic inheritance would be preserved and unfavorable genes, or the species produced by those unfavorable genes, would not survive and therefore be destroyed. Paraphrasing and a bit of summarization leads us to think this theory led Darwin to realize that through this process new species would thereby be formed. "Here then I had at last got a theory by which to work." Darwin was quoted to have said. "And, creation or evolution arguments completely aside, scientists still are working on what is best." And here it is, very far into the future from their ideas and we are still working on "what is best" for our health and the health of our offspring. And I guess it would be fair to say, not all scientists, like not all physicians, or all patients, are all of one mind. Women do now have clinically available genetic testing for lots of conditions. It used to just be blood typing, then we got into genetic testing for certain groups like sickle cell testing or Tay Sachs testing for the groups that are susceptible. But we also have testing for over 100 recessive genes that can tell us if we are passing these genes on. Testing, treatment and information are the most important results of these gene tests. An new labs are producing ways we can  perform testing with only small co-pays, such as $20. So ask your own gyno what tests might be best for you, and follow the research, Darwin  and Malthus would be truly impressed at the rate of progress those scientists have been able to achieve.


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