Buon appetito for Brain Protection!

Looking at the type of fat intake in a Northwestern University study showed that menopausal women who consumed monounsaturated fats (olive oils) actually had the least amount of decline in mental function over time. The researchers were trying to understand what has been thought to be a somewhat natural 'age related cognitive decline.' In fact there may not be too much natural about it. Factors leading to less blood flow: hardening of the cerebral arteries to decrease blood flow, or hypertension compromising blood flow, medication use, can all play a part in why you can't remember your mother's fourth cousin's first husband's name. But eating better is definitely something we can relate to. Now the study actually looked at people with 'traditional' Mediterranean diets. These women consume about 46 grams of olive oil per day, that that's about 3 1/5 tablespoons of olive oil/day. Each tablespoon is 120 calories...so someone needs to spend a bit of time at the gym knocking those calories off. Food for thought!


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