Your Gyno Can Guide Your Antibiotic Use in Pregnancy

Antibiotic use in pregnancy, like any medication, has potential risks and benefits. And now there may be a benefit we didn't even think of.  Pregnant women are more prone to urinary tract infections, and thus has become the most common reason a woman is prescribed an antibiotic in pregnancy. It is also true that an untreated urinary tract infection in pregnancy can lead to complications such as a more serious infection or preterm labor. So pregnant women are often faced with the question: is my antibiotic prescribed safe in pregnancy, and the answer is yes, for most all antibiotics, they are safe to use in pregnancy . Antibiotics are also commonly prescribed during pregnancy for a variety of bacterial infections, so William H. Barth Jr, MD, chair of The College's Committee on Obstetric Practice. Commenting on the 2009 study that questioned whether some of the commonly prescribed antibiotics were safe and was quoted: "the study had several significant limitations, including patient recall bias. Furthermore, this was an observational study, so it's impossible to know whether the birth defects were caused by the antibiotic or the infection itself, or some other factor." Tetracyclin antibiotics and it's cousins are not recommended because they can cause bone defects. And the new recommendations are to wait until after the first trimester with the nitrofurans and sulfonamides, The College says that these two antibiotics can be used by pregnant women in the first trimester if there is no alternative antibiotic. They are not recommending restrictions if past the first trimester when the nervous system has begun to be formed. The other strategy is to do things, even while pregnant, that help prevent urinary tract infections, and that includes taking all your medicaiton if you are prescribed antibiotics. Recurrent infections will then be much less likely. And if we do use an antibiotic in pregnancy, then there may be a lover risk of premature deliveries, as there is new research in 2012 that shows that inflammation can be the cause of the preterm birth.


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