Running to the Bathroom

If you run to the bathroom and do make it, the symptom is called “urgency.” If you run to the bathroom and don’t make it when you have a few dribbles, the symptom is called “urge incontinence.” As opposed to leaking when you jump which is called stress incontinence. And if you just are constantly going to the bathroom, even if you have just gone, whether or not you actually leak, the term is called Over Active Bladder (OAB). And OAB can be very annoying, mostly because we are busy, and it’s very disruptive to one’s life to make all plans around bathrooms or bathroom breaks. The quickest fix is to always pause, and don't just run to the bathroom, but let that sensation pass. Gynos will usually suggest giving it 15 minutes before you actually get up and rush. Other fixes are possible. So if this is a symptom that you have, and it’s been weeks or months, it is probably time to see your gyno and get a diagnosis, as there are medications that can treat the condition.


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