Making the Vaginal Area Look Symmetrical

Having abnormally long, large or asymmetrical labia can be a medical problem. The surgery to correct this is called a labioplasty.These conditions can present shortly after puberty, or the result of other physical changes such as childbirth. As much as 30 years ago the first corrective operations of this kind were written up. If the tissue is very elongated the medical consequences can be infections, difficulty cleaning, and even difficulty with activities such as sports. For many women, the supposed abnormal labial tissue is actually just a variant of normal. But for those who have bothersome irregular tissue it can become psychologically challenging. Individuals should see their physician to have their anatomy evaluated if they think there is an issue. Once the exact nature of the anatomy is evaluated and measured then solutions can be discussed. For some the surgery will be warranted, for others, just understanding normal is all that is necessary.


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