Is Natural Family Plannning a Catholic Idea or actually, from Asia!

Natural family planning, or fertility awareness, can aid in timing of a pregnancy or in preventing one. But you  are relying strictly on 'odds'. Who takes credit for the concept? Many Americans would assume Catholics take credit for invention of fertility awareness methods of pregnancy planning as many Catholics do practice the method. In the 1920s, Kyusaku Ogino the “chef de Clinique” of Gynecology in Niigata, Japan, first described Natural Family Planning. But being practical, American researchers wanting a better way started to question the effectiveness. Dr. Carl Djerassi, one of the co-founders of oral contraceptives, discovered in 1990 that 17 days of sexual abstinence would be required for successful fertility awareness contraception. Now we know that women can actually ovulate on any day of the cycle and complete abstinence is required for complete effectiveness.But this is not deterring  this from again becoming a 'new' contraceptive movement . CNN reporting that more women would use the method if they did know about it. In our practice we advise women to get a pregnancy planning visit before they try the Natural family planning method, as if you are planning to continue an unplanned pregnancy, we want it to be as healthy as possible.


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