Hidden Hernia a Cause of Not So Hidden Pain

Women experience undiagnosed pelvic pains have now been found to have another condition that is curable by a relatively simple laparoscopic surgery. This condition is of internal inguinal hernia that is so subtle that it often is not appreciated. In an article about hidden agonies for women by the Personal Health Editor Jane E. Brody in today's NY Times. In the GynoGab post regarding Post Endometrial Ablation Syndrome women who write will occasionally write that their gynecologist has not discovered this condition but is at a loss to say why there is no solution to their pelvic pains. It doesn't seem possible that the procedure would predispose women to these hernias, but prior surgery some time can contribute to hernias in other locations, even C-sections can cause both hernias and pains after that surgery, so it's something that can be worked up by MRI, and worth having a gab with your gyno about.


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