Can Tipped Uteri become Un-Tipped?

Examination of a Retroverted Uterus
The tipped uterus is called a retroverted uteus, and often they are retroflexed as well (bent back). The Hodge Pessary was designed to push the uterus more forward in the pelvis, and thus correct the positioning. In texts fro the turn of the 20th century (1900s!) they thought they could actually sew the uterus to the abdominal wall to correct this. And eventually some even tried to suspend by shortening the round ligaments, which really doesn't work as they are pretty stretchy and can shorten back up. And the uterus that is tipped from birth rarely causes symptoms that need treatment. 
The Hodge Pessary

Hodge Pessary in place Correcting Retroversion

In the 1900s women were treated with ventro-suspension of the uterus which sewed the uterus to the anterior abdominal wall


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