New HPV test Approved

The Roche cobas HPV test has been approved by the FDA. It is important for women to learn about HPV and adding HPV testing into your pap test can give important additional information. The details of this test can be found in several press releases. The goal is to prevent cervical cancer and the test is another step of accuracy in understanding the virus that causes women to get cervical cancer.


  1. I myself have had genital herpes for almost 2 years now. Once I broke up with the person I got it from, I felt like I had to navigate the waters all by myself.
    I have to say that has been a blessing, its great being able to talk to other people in the same situation. I personally have found peace and happiness. If you haven’t, you will. Ignorance and denial is not the solution. Be informed… Learn the truth… Here. Which has more than 680000 memebers according some news and it have provided many services such as chatting,blogs,test center,forum etc. I am still glad that I had the opportunity to confirm that having Herpes doesn't have to be a limitation.

  2. Thank you for the information regarding your Herpes group iwth over 680,000 members. It is important to get information out regarding the virus herpes which is also known as Herpes Simplex Infection or HSV. HSV can be tested for by cultures, in the location where the lesions of the condition are, or blood tests for the antibody to the virus. Currently it is believed that there may be co-factors that pre-dispose women to getting cervical cancer and though HSV has been proposed as a co-factor this has never been proven. The Athena trial results are looking at specific DNA tests of the cervix for the HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus, known to be the cause of virtually all cases of cervical cancer. It is not possible to actually culture an HPV virus.


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