Happy Mothering Sunday

Hey moms! It's never a wrong time to say thanks to mom! In the UK they celebrate Mothering Sunday...traditionally the 4th Sunday of Lent, so it's got a bit of a moving date, it will move back to March 18th in 2012. In the US and Australia we celebrate on the second Sunday in May, in 2011 its the 9th, slipping only a day forward in 2012. Norway never waits, they celebrate first in February! The Peoples Republic of China and Japan celebrate with us, as many do. Some countries only adopt International Women's Day, and that falls on March 8th. In Nepal they celebrate in March, and the traditional celebration involves a pilgrimage, so I say it's a great time to take a stroll with mom and talk about celebrating wellness and health. Some Islamic writings say that a single day would detract from thanking mom's year around, so no worries if you have forgotten a card or a rose bud, it's never a wrong time to have your own private thank you.


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