Switch in to Gear? Switch out of Gear? Sex Drive and Depo-Provera

Could Depo-Provera activate "The sex switch? "Not thought to be one for females? Or is there? Could Depo-Provera halt your mojo? Hormones and behavior, besides some vague associations, it's been imporrible for me to give you that 'final answer.' Women report that sex drive can go on and off when ovarian removal occurs with surgery. So most physicians ultimately the sex switch would be one's estrogen level. But in menopausal women, that low estrogen doesn't seem to be as much of a factor as low testosterone. So would better testosterone levels lead to better sex? In Columbus Ohio researchers were puting this theory to the test. As they reported in the december issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology: women on the birth control pill had higher estrogen and lower testosterone than women who used Depo-Provera. The women who used Depo-Provera have always been known to have that low estrogen level, but what most women aren't told is that your testosterone level will be just a bit better on Depo-Provera than on oral birth control pills. So, back to the sex score. The Columbus researchers studied 50 women, they studied 25 in each group. Birth control pill users bleed more per month, and they differed in a few other basic background characteristics. But when it came to desire: they were the same. When it came to whether women on Depo-Provera or women on Oral contraceptive pills were aroused more offen: they were the same. In fact pretty much the groups functioned the same sexually, and in neither group did any particular aspect of sexual behavior change depending on overall hormone levels: either male or female hormone levels. This group of women did not change in sexual behavior based on hormone levels, which were quite different! The Columbus physicians concluded tht sexual problems when on the birth control pill are not likely due to the pill at all. But, there were still some areas here that need some study. The women were not compared to women not on any hormones. The women were also on a variety of different pills, so perhaps a particular formula would have a slightly different hormone profile and a different effect on her sex drive and other aspects of her sexuality. My gyno opinion: no switch, but a combination of factors, that is something we can sit and gab more about.


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