Sex and Beauty, The Art of Communicating it

Sexy is Beautiful, and Beauty, well to some cultures other subtleties are desired. The entomology of the word beauty in many cultures gives us insight as to what the culture values and finds beautiful.I'm enjoying the musings on this topic in the discussion by Claude Hagege in his "bewitching beauty and language's secret formulas," as reading between the lines and beyond the obvious has always fascinated me. In Hebrew the word hen means grace as well as beauty, and in Korean, arecumdab talks about actual intellectual beauty, like landscape, and mosissda is beauty of elegance and distinction. And lest we forget that synonymous "young and beautiful" which was an adage long before it was a Soap. Perhaps some of the etiology of  the youth culture brought to us by the Summer of Love and never really left. Looking for that perfect poem for your loved one, what gender do you need? Having trouble, grab a Persian poems, they  are ambiguous in their gender. Or do you, like Cervantes, have just an imaginary love?


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