Post-Surgery-Pre-Pregnancy Uterine Fitness Test

The worry about C-sections is that some women wind up with segments of their uterine wall that are less stable or less strong than they were prior to ever having a C-section. In the rare event that this wall weakness is an actual large wall defect a woman can be at risk for the uterus rupturing during pregnancy or labor. A novel study was just completed and reported in the March issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology looking with ultrasound after about a half a year had passed since these women had their prior C-sections. What they were able to tell in this early test of uterine fitness was that of thier small group of close to 70 women who they studied prior to their pregnancy, only about 20% actually had what they termed was a fully healthy and intact uterus. Other patients had various degrees of problems with the healing of the C-section scars. The editors of Obstetrics and Gynecology caution that this result, although dramatic, and potentially extremely important, may be too premature to roll out to the general public. So stay tuned for larger studies as this is a very important topic, and if all it takes after a C-section is to do an ultrasound to determine the health of your uterus, it sounds like an easy way to potentially avoid some large medical problems.


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