Fallopian Tube Cautery Procedure for Sterilization

Tubal Sterilization
Normal Fallopian Tube Sterilization via Laparoscopy

Interestingly about 700,000 women get tubal sterilization each year. Here is an intraoperative picture of the left fallopian tube getting sterilized. Most women are very happy with their decision, some women are not and in some studies only a few women ever regret their tubal ligation, but in some studies about 30% of women regret their tubal sterilizaiton. If you get a clip or a ring put on the tube, some studies show about 100% reversibility. But if you got your tubes burned or tied at the time of c-section you may only have about 40-75% chance of successful reversal procedure. The procedure is generally safe, quick, well tolerated and very effective. Always discuss risks and benefits with your individual provider. 


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