An Inch By Inch Solution To Your Birth Control Worries

 The birth control patch may be just what you are looking for in contraception, and thus could be thought of as your inch by inch solution. Birth control Patches measure 4.5 x 4.5 cm. They are a welcome method for many women. Patients don’t have to remember to take a pill daily, but just use a new patch once a week, then skip the fourth week, have a period, and begin to use your patches again.. For those on medicines that may interfere, like tetracycline it has been proven that this medicine doesn’t interfere with the hormone levels. Patches are very effective in that they have the blood levels you could expect from a 35 mcg pill. Pregnancy rates are extremely low, even in women with high body weights and high BMIs, but failure is slightly greater if your BMI is high relative to women with low BMI. The patch does have to stick to your skin, so some women will see a skin reaction to the adhesive, and about 1/5 women will complain of a skin reaction. Most women who have a skin reaction to the Patch will not stop their method just because of the reaction, so mostly these are very mild pink shadows like you see when removing a band aid.  Peeling up edges of the sticky of contraceptive patches are uncommon, but if you discover the edges rolling up on you, just pat them into place nicely. You don’t need to go to the next one unless it really won’t stick. And it’s very easy to get back on track for the forgetful among us. If you haven’t put your new patch on and it’s been over 48 hours, just pop one back on and make sure you use back up for a week, then you are good to go! Most side effects and serious reactions are about the same as oral contraceptive pills. Physicians and patients have worried that more leg or deep vein blood clots could occur because the hormone does over time tend to be a bit higher in patch users than the comparable pills because of the steadiness of the hormone level. Excess numbers of deep vein clots in young women on birth control patches has not turned out to be a major problems. Some studies indicated increased risk, others do not, in other words, the patch is very safe and no special precautions needed to be taken by the average woman.


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