How to Catch Twins Talking, Through Their Umbilical Circulation

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No one knows exactly when twins begin talking to each other. and perhaps some of those countries that have the biggest twin populations do know. But communication can be verbal, non-verbal or anatomic! Closeness can be a good thing for twins. but during fetal development if there is an unbalance in the amount of blood circulating to one twin vs the other twin then there can be dire consequences for one twin, or the entire pregnancy. When twins share placental circulation it is called the twin-twin transfusion syndrome. It is not so uncommon and for twins that share one amniotic sac it can occur in 1/10 pregnancies. The only real way to make a diagnosis is to look for the bigger blood vessels they may share, or to check for growth problems or to check for problems with the amount of amniotic fluid in one sac or the other. Sophisticated testing can go further. If one twin is getting all the blood flow an actual test of the blood counts of the baby, done with needles into the umbilical cords, can tell if one baby is actually becoming anemic. The connections of the blood vessels can even get quite convoluted (no pun intended). The connections can put arteries to arteries or veins to veins, and then sometimes the blood connections can put venous and arterial blood together. If you have a twin pregnancy most of these conditions are diagnosed right in that second trimester. If you've passed the second trimester and the problem didn't occur, it's unlikely going to be a problem for this pregnancy. Twin pregnancies can be fun but they require more care from your gyno as they have their high risk aspects.


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