How Much Vitamin D Do you need?

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The new Institute of Medicine report has now reviewed the top 1000 studies and reported that some age groups do need more vitamin D than prior general recommendations, but they warned people that Vitamin D is for BONE HEALTH and that ther just is not medial evidence that D can prevent cancer, heard disese, diabetes, MS, toxemia of pregnancy nor immune system dysfunction. In fact they cautioned over 4000 IU daily is harmful. For most adults they should get about 600 IU a day, unless they are over 71 or if they have partiular deficiencies and they might need more. The new report calculated that most diets do have at least 600 IU a day, and that many diets have almost half again as much, so most of us do not need the vast amount of supplements we have been consuming. Now we do use blood tests still to estimate where your D levels are. And we know how to raise your levels of Vitamin D. 400 IU doses of Vitamin D will raise your blood level of D about 4 ng/ml. So if you are aiming for the 32 ng/ml that is the current number we use as the low cut off for normal, and you are 28, just get an extra 400 IU daily of intake. Of course not all physcians and organizations agree on what is normal. Institute of Medicine says that over 12 is ok, but over 20 ng/ml blood levels are best. Some experts are putting healthy adults at 40-60 ng/ml blood levels as the most healthy. It's important to know what other nutritional factors to include, like Vitamin A levels.

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