Hey Gyne, Hey Gyn, My Endo’s Back

Endometriosis is a disease of the reproductive time of our life, so that once diagnosed, its recurrence is common. A lot is known about the condition but not too many theories have explained why one woman gets endometriosis while another: perhaps her sister or a friend does not.  It may be internally caused, your own hormone levels, or perhaps something like pesticides triggers the abnormal production of hormones. One current theory is that local increases in the enzyme that makes our body produce estrogen compounds may produce the a spot lesion that is the endometriotic growth in a particular spot in the pelvis, and then the overproduction of inflammation chemicals may produce the pain that accompanies the lesions that exist. Since growth factors then become over expressed by this situation of lesions and inflammatory chemicals, there is a stimulus to increased the density of nerve fibers. Extra nerve fibers, extra inflammatory chemicals, the result is extra pain. The nerve fibers themselves stay in the area and wide excisions: hysterectomies do remove many and solve the pain issue, but smaller surgeries like cauterization of little local lesions won’t always relive pain. So the result is experienced as a repeat recurrence of your endometriosis symptoms.It's important to see your gyno as there are many causes of the pain that you may think is your endo pain.


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