Going Gyno Commando

Going On a Solo Commando Mission for Contraception is not always what is best for your health. Some might think that a medical commando mission to grab some contraceptive pills without a prescription across the Mexican boarder is just what your pocket book prescribed. As the prices of contraceptive pill packets have soared, getting over the counter birth control pills in places like Mexico where they are sold this way is not unpopular, and becoming more common according to recent news reports. But it's not always possible to get exactly what your physicians have prescribed, and if you by-passed the gyno visit altogether then you may have have medical contraindications to the pill that you are ignoring. Most women can safely do this, and we have high unplanned pregnancy rates in the US. But there are many very effective ways to lower your contraceptive costs if you take time to sit down and discuss this with your gyno. 


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