Tell A Friend: Protect Her After Unprotected SEX!

Emergency Contraception is supposed to be a great parachute, but your friends (maybe you too?) don’t know that it is available according to current studies! In one clinic they found that about 60% of unplanned pregnancies would have been prevented if the woman had correctly tried emergency contraception! Thus over 1.7 unplanned pregnancies in the USA could be prevented each year if women really knew and used emergency contraception! Plan B is a one step contraceptive alternative for women, without a prescription for age 17 and above. Easy over the phone access is also available for some girls. Take it as prescribed and your chance of getting pregnant is reduced by 85%, and if you had sex right when you are the most fertile, and resorted to emergency contraception  your chance of pregnancy would be about 1%. Best timing, get right out of bed and get it, it works the best if taken in those first 12 hours, and for each 12 hour delay your chance of getting pregnant about doubles, up to your risk of probable conception in one cycle after the full 120 hours has passed (package insert will talk about the FDA approved 72 hours). And Moms, study after study show that availability of emergency contraception doesn’t increased unplanned IC. So, if you are ready to have THE GAB (THE TALK in GYNOGAB lingo!) then you need to cover this too. Belts plus suspenders girls!


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