Progesterone only contraception is pretty awesome, but it can present irregular pill takers some challenges. You really need to behave and take your pill at the same time as it prevents pregnancy by preventing sperm penetration as much as by preventing ovulation. So how to best time these pills? Take them at LUNCH! Sperm penetration is prevented about 2-4 hours after a pill is taken, but the effect wears down significantly the closer you get to 24 hours and by 24 hours some sperm are making their way towards your ovaries. So if the ovulation protection isn’t complete (and it’s not as complete as standard pills) the protection goes down for irregular pill takers. Why take it at lunch? Well, if you only have quickies at lunch, lets talk and we’ll calculate your best timing, but for the average girl who gets it on at bed time, that peak progesterone timing right as you are ripping off his shirt, about perfect!


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