Mom's Antidepressant Use

Moms, like others, are often anxious or depressed and now about 5% of the pregnant population (more in some studies) are taking an antidepressant.. It's been a common practice in the past 5 years to try to get a pregnant patient to taper off the medication in the last 2-4 weeks of pregnancy. The thought being that this is good for the baby's overall health, as well as avoiding behavior issues in that early adjustment phase right after birth. In fact the medications came with specific warnings. But some researchers are rethinking this strategy once again, and finding that perhaps the data looking into the baby adjustment patterns wasn't as accurate as once thought and that there may not be as much need to taper in the third trimester as once thought. Again, the best advice is to talk to your gyno about what to do with medication use before, after, and when prego.


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