Hepatitis C and What Women Need To Know

Hepatitis C is a serious disease, it can cause liver failure as well as cancers, but many will just think they have the flu or are just plain tired. Women with active Hepatitis C under therapy are not recommended to become pregnant as the treatments are harmful to the developing baby. Treatments have not been effective in all patients, although there is hope that newer treatments will be helpful. Not every Hepatitis C infection is the same. There are many subtypes of this disease. Actually each virus has it's own set of genes, and there seem to be at least 6 different many varieties or genotypes. Knowing which type will direct the therapy your physician will give you. The important thing is to be tested, and probably if you have a new partner be retested. Gynos or primary care docs can do this testing and help you get on the path to treatment if you test positive. After therapy in a stable patient pregnancy can be considered and the safest course recommened. There are reports still of low birth weight, babies of small for gestational age, and greater need for neonatal intensive care, but not all studies have confirmed risks.


  1. Maybe you should read more about this disease before you post something like this.
    Sure women with Hepatitis C CAN get pregnant as long they are not in therapy. The therapy last up to a year and has very hard sideeffects. The risk for the baby of getting infected is very low and the baby can be born in a natural way.

  2. Thanks for your comments, and I've reworded the above post to hopefully address what you are referring to as a concern. My comment about patients with Hepatitis C patients avoiding pregnancy indeed was intended to be specifically saying that active patients under therapy should be avoiding pregnancy. Actually I should go on to say that if you have active Hepatitis C and are on therapy use effective contraception if you are indeed intending to avoid pregnancy. Also trying to tell women to get more testing to find out if one has Hepatitis C so that you can be treated and hopefully avoid chronic liver disease which is not a healthy situation for either mom or baby in pregnancy. Would you agree?


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