Did You Have Diabetes in Pregnancy? Are You on the MiniPill?

Diabetes in pregnancy is a risk for either diabetes or sugar intolerance after pregnancy. Many factors will contribute to remaining diabetic after your pregnancy, but it's most important to have testing so that you know if you are still diabetic after pregnancy or not. Then treatments can be properly designed. Diabetic women with no significant vascular disease can safely use birth control pills for their contraception. Mostly we know that the doses of estrogen and progesterone in oral contraception are so low compared to the levels of those hormones in pregnancy we tend to ignore their possible effect on diabetes and glucose intolerance and blood sugar levels once you have actually delivered.. Most pregnancy diabetic  women who end pregnancy are no longer diabetic if they deliver, especially if this was a new diagnosis. Loosing weight, exercising, continuing the right diet are all important ways to control blood sugar. Breastfeeding helps to control the blood sugar levels too (with some modifications for women who actually go too low when they breastfeed). The newest research, particularly done in Latina Woman shows that going on progesterone only mini pill use is over 3 times as likely to remain diabetic post pregnancy. We recommend minipills during breastfeeding because those pills are least likely to slow milk supply. At WHP we test most women, who have been diabetic in pregnancy will be tested at the 6 week check up and then again yearly, and you may want to ask your own doc what they want to do with respect to diabetes. http:www.womenshealthpractice.com


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