Preconception Planning of Pregnancy Helps to Avoid Complications.

Polly Botsford and Her Children

One of my favorite folk art pictures is from the Rockefeller Folk Art Collection entitled POLLY BOTSFORD AND HER CHILDREN BY AN UNKNON artist painted in 1815, it depicts Polly’s 4 surviving daughters standing near her tombstone and two tombstones nearby labeled with what you presume are her young daughters.  WHO States over 585,000 women die worldwide from complications of childbirth. In developing world that is close to one in 33 women, although here it’s 1/10,000. World wide11 million children under five years of age will die from causes that are largely preventable. Among them are 4 million babies who will not survive the first month of life, mostly from complications that arose in childhood. In the gyno world the first step to becoming a parent is FAMILY PLANNING, meaning planning for pregnancy and thus avoiding the pregnancy until you want that pregnancy! But still for many, a bit of a forgotten step is pregnancy planning, and by planning our healthy pregnancies we can avoid some of these complications that plagued these women. My second favorite folk art painting is entitled Tree of Light, it was painted in 1845, by a woman named Hannah Choon, from the Hancock Shaker Community. This tree symbolizes new life and makes me think of all the hopes we all have for birthing and parenting our communities’ children. The newest advice is that preconception counseling and anticipation of medical or genetic problems to come in our pregnancy is always better than newly diagnosing complications once you are pregnant, and it's never too soon to begin screening prior to planning a pregnancy.


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