What is Your Agent Provocateur?

Agent Provacatueur has a long history of meaning many things other than an underwear selection! We all have seminal events in our life, and most, thankfully don't induce 'mental illness' or serious psychological consequences, but many are in fact the source of distress and anxiety. In the 1880s Jean Marin Charcot declared the "nervous" patients as mentally ill. In particular he was famous for getting to the root of the problem. In male patients who became emotional after a rail accident (there were enough of these to study as a group?!) he looked to the root of the problem as being that incident. In the patients who became ill after an encounter and described a condition called "railway spine", in his writings the rail accident was the "agent provocateur". And for those who have an ongoing 'agent provocateur' it would be well to identify it's source, let us know


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