What if you have been told you cannot use the pill?

For many serious medical conditions combined oral contraceptive pills are either not recommended or have some conditional recommendations according to both WHO and CDC, and both these organizations have a lot on their web sites. The birth control pill can prevent ovarian cancer in women with the BRCA 1/2 mutation, but it really is not known if birth control pills are safe for these women. The data has not been well studied for the BRACA patients, in fact one study showed that birth control pills could lead ot breast cancer in BRCA 2 patients, but not BRCA 1, which biologiclly doesn't really make sense. When women have medical conditons, then getting pregnant may not be advised. So that having an effective contraceptive is even more important. If it cannot be the birth control pill, then women should consider an IUD. Even the progestin-only Mirena IUDs are not recommended in patients with migraines with aura, breast cancer or liver disease, and there are cautions for women with uncontrolled high BP, high cholesterol or diabetes. Yet the Non-hormonal, copper ParaGard IUD gets a full recommendation for use in all these conditions across the board. And it is good to use for a full 10 years. So if you have medical conditions that prevent using the birth control pill, ask your gyno about an IUD.


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