Update Date Nite

When to schedule date nite? We've discussed date nites before, and they are an important part of any relationship. We're busy, so we have to book fun into our schedule. But maybe it's not just the testosterone level surging that will make you at your sexiest, it may in fact be other aspects of our health that should be looked at. For instance Dr. Chrisalbeth Guillermo at UNLV discovered that women just do not sleep well or exercise well during their menstrual time. So maybe it's not just the bloat and float (gas) that is interfering with the cha cha cha, but just the fact that you just didn't get out to cha cha cha and so you just don't feel like carrying that dance any further. So this gyno says maybe it's the chicken or the egg, try to get out and dance, and maybe the bedroom dance will follow!


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