Special Bladder Testing is Needed In the Following Conditions

Tsting the function of one's bladder may be as unsophisticated as a yearly check up with your gyno. But for many women bladder problems extend beyond the rare leak and need sophisticated testing. Multichannel urodynaic studies and a systematic examination of your vaginal support when there are additional problems.
Reasons for more complex testing:
1.If you think you may actually have nerve damage to the area or be suffering from conditions which can affect the nerves such as diabetes
2. If you are planning invasive surgery
3. When there has been failure to correct an issue with prior surgery
4. When there is both a pelvic floor defect and incontinence

If you wear pads daily, if you go to the bathroom significantly more than your friends or than you used to, and if you notice odors that might mean you are leaking urine, these are all reasons to get your bladder checked. 


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