Red Face in Teens, Tweens or Twenties Not Likely Rosacea

Have you been worrying about the red color to your face? Did you think it was left over sunburn from not using proper sunscreen? Rosacea is a skin condition. The most common feature of Rosacea is a dry patchy redness to the skin, eventually the chronic irritation and the condition itself cause excess networks of small blood vessels that can render the skin permanently looking slapped cheek. Often those with Rosacea  do not know they have. It's important to get a diagnosis and skin care can treat and calm or make it worse and ideally should be tailored to your individual skin. Teens and young tweens do not need to be as concerned with this condition however as it usually occurs between the ages of 30 and 60. Another reason to get a consultation with your esthetician as you age is to take into consideration that you may have now developed Rosacea that you had not realized that you have had.


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