Objective Responses to Getting Aroused

Our body has many ways of showing sexual arousal. It may change with the type of  environment, how rested you are, how much exercise you've been having, but it's almost always there for you to be aware of objectively. Vaginal lubrication being one In the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2002 RJ Levin described as a measurable response to sexual arousal. How well do you know your body? Can you name the ways you may have physical responses to being aroused? Vaginal canal changes, clitoral enlargement? G-spot sensitivities, change in type of discharge? Breast symptoms, even scalp hair tingling are all reported. If you aren't having orgasms, one of the first things to check is, are you even getting aroused at all. The body has ways of telling you that she's awakening, it's important to just listen once in awhile as sometimes she's whispering.


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