New Year's Resolution: Gyno Tracking

A Perfect Floridian Rose by W. Scifres
Journal Journal Journal. It's a great resolution and so handy for tracking those new or pesky symptoms. It's how we diagnose PMS, it's how we diagnose overactive bladder, it's how we track improvement in libido symptoms. You might feel that some of your symptoms are so glaring that you will have no trouble communicating the issues to your gyno. But on the other hand, how often is there just so much to cover in a visit that you cannot get all of the information transmitted. As you can see I love my green. So easy to remember the Green Climateric Scale, and what it is and how it's used. It's been around since the late 1990s and it is basically just 21 questions that get out what type of symptoms a woman is experiencing. Most of us have graphs and temp logs and blood pressure handouts, and sugar logs. and honestly, we want to see it all!


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