New eyelash enhancer, does it work? Yes! Latisse says it works, but Gyno Gal wanted to know for herself so picked up the phone and called my personal Ophthalmologist for the skinny. And yes, he's used it clinically for glaucoma patients for over ten years! And do the eye lashes grow? Yes they do! They grow and grow darker! And my eye doc says "I will tell you it works!" The patients with brown lashes it will turn them darker brown and GROW! He did say blonds don't quite get the results quite as dramatically with the darkening, stay tuned for more on that. The eye doc has even had to trim patients who think that their lashes are too long and impair vision! Ha! Eye lash hair stylin! That's what I would call dramatic. It's just one eye medicine I learned about in my gyno investigations today. Now there are lash conditioners, and yes, like for your hair, silkier and softer lashes last longer so grow longer. And over the counter products that have some amount of the ingredient in Latisse, but when you don't know the exact concentration and it's a medication but not FDA approved, this gyno says stick to the Latisse as the preferred method.


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