Hot Flash Switch Off Hot Flash Switch On

Women do not always report a consistent pattern of hot flashes. In fact, it seems to be much more than just an on and off switch. Hot flashes may be mild, then resolve, then be severe, then contreolled on hormones, and then suddenly years later return, even with no change in medications, diet, or lifestyle. What triggers the on and off switch of hot flashes is one thing that has mystified women and their gynos. About 70% of women have hot flashes and only about 30% will have them be severe. The treatment of hot flashes can be simplistic. Some women have moderate symptoms, they are for a limited period of time, they are treated readily by the safest lowest dose transdermal estrogens, and these women can stop their therapy and be symptom free when the period of transition has passed. If you have begun or stopped an antidepressant, a medication for hypertension, a water pill, or a diet medication the hot flashes can seem to change in response to these medications. Others seem to have an off again, on again switch of symptoms. Stress, and rising cortisol levels are definitely a factor in that on and off switch of hot flashes. They get their symptoms, they turn them of with treatment, they get off their treatment, their symptoms return. Almost a third of women have a return of their symptoms when they stop their hormone treatments making the exact treatment regime, the timing of what you take and the transition to menopausal management off systemic hormone therapy something that is important for you and your gyno to work closely together on.


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